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For over 30 years I have been travelling up into and around the Middle East and the indian Subcontinent seeking out beautiful carpets, kelims and collectibles. And now I am producing my own unique range of high quality kelim furniture.

Who would have thought that a considerate neighbour giving a 9 year old a pile of old National Geographic Magazines would be the catalyst for a life-long passion for all things oriental and become the foundation for a business?

For a boy growing up in the isolation of the Wairarapa in the 1950’s, it was at once both a surprise and a delight for me to see photographs of mosques and palaces, nomadic tents, oriental and persian rugs and carpets, women in saris or the bhurka; to read about cultures and traditions that had remained unchanged for centuries. Those old black and white National Geographic’s introduced me to an exotic, romantic and mysterious world that I didn’t even know existed. I wanted to know more and that curiosity and interest has stayed with me ever since.

My collecting oriental carpets in my mid 20’s was just a natural extension of that wanting to know more, but better still, in 1982 as a member of the James Smith’s Executive I was able to set up and run the Oriental Carpet Gallery in our Cuba Street store; a few years later I left the company to establish my own, The Richard Pointon Collection.

So I have spent more than 30 years working with Persian and Oriental carpets and really, it isn’t a business at all, it is an indulgence. It has become a way of life that has allowed me to make around eighty or so buying trips up into the Far and Middle East: I have gone to Iran, Turkey , China , Nepal, Pakistan and its border regions with Afghanistan looking for carpets, rugs, kilims and collectibles, the old, the rare, and the beautiful.

Every carpet in my collection I have chosen myself. Or if it is one of the pieces from my Cultural Survival Programme then I have been involved in almost every aspect of its creation from researching the original design and provenance, getting the colours right, how I want the finished carpet to “feel”, and even how the wool needs to be spun.
My collection of oriental handmade carpets is not only extensive, but taken as a whole, it is also unique and has been brought together piece by piece, with a collector’s eye and a collector’s passion.

A visit to my Wellington showroom and warehouse is an experience in itself and whether you are looking to make a purchase or just want to wander around looking at beautiful things- you are welcome.